Saturday 17th October

Great training session - thank you Carlton for all your support.

Sunday 18th October - Croydon

Genesis vs AFC Croydon well done boys Genesis 7 Croydon 2


Sunday 11th October
Our 3rd match of the season good win against Gleb 3-2 GFC well done boys 



JOHAN : Man of the Match

Saturday 3rd October

Unfortunately the team was unable to train due to weather conditions.  The boys were very upset, but the parents were very happy! 

Sunday 4th October - Westerham

Our match was unable to be played today. Some very upset children as we were all looking forward to the game.  Never mind, back to the drawing board.  Off to watch my team now - Arsenal v Sheffield United - hope its a better result there


Sunday 25th October - Coney Hall

Lots of goals from both teams unfortunately GFC LOST 9-6. Unlucky boys; and well done Coney Hall